If you’re planning for the next big event like Australia Day, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, we have a huge selection of decorations, party supplies and costumes to suit. Start shopping now.

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Vest Fraulein - Plastic
Vest Fraulein - Plastic Full Size SOLD OUT - Each
Sash Satin Beer Garden Babe
Sash Satin Beer Garden Babe Oktoberfest (84cm x 10cm) SOLD OUT - Each
Sold Out
Tablecover Oktoberfest
Tablecover Oktoberfest (274cm x 137cm) Plastic - Each
Sold Out
Picks Oktoberfest
Picks Oktoberfest (6cm High) Blue & White Diamonds SOLD OUT - Pack of 50
Table Runner Oktoberfest
Table Runner Oktoberfest (27cm x 182cm) Plastic with decorative tassels SOLD OUT - Each
Cutout Beer Stein
Cutout Beer Stein Contains three 45cm beer stein cutouts. - Pack of 3
Hat Peasant Oktoberfest
Hat Peasant Oktoberfest one size fits most - Each
Hat Oktoberfest Alpine
Hat Oktoberfest Alpine Adult (Full Head Size) - Each
Backdrop Wall Oktoberfest
Backdrop Wall Oktoberfest (1.2m High x 9.1m Long) INSTA-THEME - Each
Oktoberfest Poly Decorating Material
Oktoberfest Poly Decorating Material All Weather (7.5cm High x 15.24 Metres Long) - Each
Party Pass Oktoberfest,
Party Pass Oktoberfest, Includes lanyard, and space on pass for "Date, Time & Name" -...
Party Tape Oktoberfest
Party Tape Oktoberfest (7.5cm x 6.1m) All Weather Poly Material - Each
Plates Oktoberfest 23cm
Plates Oktoberfest 23cm Paper SOLD OUT - Pack of 8
Cutout Beer Hall Sign
Cutout Beer Hall Sign (20cm x 55cm) - Each
Centrepiece Oktoberfest Cascade
Centrepiece Oktoberfest Cascade (38cm) SOLD OUT - Each
Door Poster Oktoberfest
Door Poster Oktoberfest (76cm x 152cm) For indoor and outdoor use - Each