Adult Novelty

Looking for something a little bit naughty to spice up your next event or night out? These products are perfect for hen's nights or adult parties.
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Red Fluffy Love Cuffs
Red Fluffy Love Cuffs. Novelty handcuffs covered in faux red coloured fur. Cuffs made from...
Glow in the Dark Love Dice
Glow in the Dark Love Dice. One die tells you what action and the other...
Boob Ping Pong Balls
Boob Ping Pong Balls. Cheeky set of 6 ping pong balls.
What the F*ck? I never have! Card Game
What the F*ck? I never have! Card Game. The classic I never card game with...
Sex Fortunes Card Game
Sex Fortunes Card Game. Tarot cards for lovers. Includes 78 Sex Fortune cards and an...
Sex Card Game
Sex Card Game. Cheeky card game to spice up the evening. Can be played as...
Deeper Shade of Red Game
Playful Kinky Deeper Shade of Red Game. Includes one game board, one whip, one sex...
Let's F*ck! Card Game
Let's F*ck! Card Game. Includes 48 Let's F*ck Cards and 4 Let's F*ck Wild Cards....
Kinky BDSM Dice
Playful Kinky BDSM Dice. Provides various sex games suggestions for the throw of the dice....
Love Coupons
Love Coupons. A book of love coupons to give gifts of love. Spice things up...
Hot Piece of Glass
Hot Piece of Glass. Shot glass shaped like a lady's torso.
Grow Your Own Boobs
Grow your own boobs. Just place in water for an instant pair of boobs. Grows...
Jesus Soap
Jesus Soap, Wash away your sins - literally!
Pillow Talk Card Game
Pillow Talk Card Game. Adults only intimate card game for two.
Ball Scratcher
Ball Scratcher. Pole with hand attached in a scratching position. Chrome look scratcher comes in...
Red Ring for Sex Bell
Red Ring for Sex Bell. 75 x 75 x 135 mm.
Mini Ring for Sex Bell
Mini Ring for Sex Bell. Sexy and cute bell with keychain.
Willy Shot Glass Spinner
Willy Shot Glass Spinner. Spin the arrow and take a shot.
Naughty Dare Fishing Game
Naughty Dare Fishing Game. Fish a willy and do a dare. The fun starts as...
Who is the biggest slut?
Who is the biggest slut? Drinking game. The drinking game of naughty confessions. Over 550...
Ladies Night - The Game
Laugh, gossip and celebrate with Ladies Night - The Game. How well do you know...
Grow your own willy
Grow your own willy. Just get it wet and watch it grow. Can grow up...
Pink Bride to be Rosette
Pink Bride to be Rosette with diamante lettering.
Willy Garter
Willy Garter. White garter with a flashing willy. One size fits all.